Designer Anthon Raimund is fascinated by the fluid nature of digital identity. His work is inspired by online accounts that project a vision of artificial glamour. Anthon’s heavily Photoshopped portraits are a playful reaction to modern beauty standards, whereby the digital characters have inspired prints as well as garments. This collection is a fantastical wardrobe for a luxury customer. Anthon believes that fashion is too focused on the young and ‘trendy’ and neglect the wealthy ostentatious women who actually buy and wear high end brands. This woman inhabits exclusive neighbourhoods, flaunts her cosmetically enhanced body and sees fashion as a status symbol. In a digital world materialism and exhibitionism thrive, men and women of all ages use social media to present a glamorised version of their lives to a global audience. On his own Instagram account Anthon uses Photoshop to create a warped version of himself inspired by the women and friends that inspire him. Digital printing of the Photoshopped images gives a contemporary, online aesthetic to the clothing. Long term collaborator Lily Bling consulted and styled the collection, using excessive jewellery to reflect the gaudy aesthetic of these women. Garment shapes are inspired by 1920s costume designs and dramatic couture dresses, evoking times of glamour and excess which reflect the lives of the women Anthon hopes to dress. There are also references to 60s modernist work. A mix of natural luxury materials, plastic hardware and futuristic synthetic fabrics are used in tandem.