Born and raised in Vancouver, Knitwear graduate Ciara Di Salle named her final collection after her father’s band’s album, Art’s Jukebox, released in 1993. ‘I wanted to use the album as a lens into what it was like for the band, The Big Blue Bus, to grow up in Sudbury in the 1970s,’ the 22 year old British Fashion Council scholar tells me. Lyrics are a focal point of the collection. They inspire the hand drawings and experimental fonts scattered on wide-leg trousers and form the design of the intricate cutwork feature of the dress made from designer leather deadstock. The nearly entirely biodegradable collection is reflective of the designer’s innate ability to balance conceptual design with commercial viability. All of the yarns in the collection are made from pre-consumer denim waste, and all of the fabrics are either GOTS certified organic, undyed cottons, or upcycled from old jeans collected from her community during the Covid-19 lockdown. Di Salle gained experience at prestigious fashion houses such as Chloé and Lanvin during her year in industry and is excited to work on the next steps in her career.

Dayna Tohidi, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism