Esme Woodruff is a 22 year old graduating Womenswear student from Lancashire. Her collection, made largely in isolation and with only virtual contact with tutors and peers, is a very timely one. ‘Itʼs impossible to ignore online presence in fashion now. It plays such an important role in how we view fashion, and ourselves in 2020. I would say my collection is a direct response to this,’ she says. Woodruffʼs work explores the transience of online self-presentation and our innate desire to be fully in control of how the world sees us – or at least the version of ourselves that weʼre ‘continuously editing, cropping, uploading, deleting.’ With startlingly orbital cuts and prints that adapt once captured digitally, Woodruffʼs designs are intended to dress the ‘in-between’ – the gulf between a personʼs digital persona and real-world self. In this strange, online-only moment we currently find ourselves, never has this gulf been so narrow, nor a collection so necessary.