22 year old Menswear graduate George Salt, from Staffordshire, spent last summer compiling a book of his childhood memories to inspire the designs of his graduate collection. Reminiscing on each flashback, like his dad’s hobby of pigeon racing and ex-boyfriend items, spurred him to explore his fascination with objects from his youth; photos from his parents wedding, a loose bathroom tile, and even his baby teeth. ‘Every object holds a personal memory for me, whether it be true or a rose-tinted vision’, the designer explained. Looks include a salmon pink knee length dress, encrusted with teeth, in a hand painted print inspired by a bathroom tile he grew up with, and a hand-embroidered green suit, cut with oversized dropped shoulders and slim shorts. Other garments include a trinket decorated shell skirt and a paint splattered trench coat. ‘My collection has been described as ‘earthy queer’, which I quite like’ he added. After graduating, Salt is planning to work for a small, existing label with similar hand crafted aesthetics and would like to return back to do an MA next year.

Harry Stevens, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism