Isidora Durovic is from Belgrade, Serbia. She has worked as a 3D design intern for Givenchy and as a production assistant for 1Granary, where she gained vital insight into the fashion industry. ‘My two main sources of research centred around power dressing and Adhocism, the art of improvisation.’ Her collection is modern and slick with expert tailoring at its core. Draped jackets and trousers made from sustainable wools provided by Manteco, are paired with surreal accessories; a spoon brassiere, coin eye sunglasses, a watch-strap belt. ‘Everything was made in lockdown. Although the final weeks were challenging, I had more time to develop my ideas, so it turned out to be a positive experience.’ Isidora plans on one day having her own label, but only if it’s done responsibly. ‘Nowadays, it doesn’t make any sense to do something that is unsustainable. For me personally, it’s necessary to have a sustainable practice.’

Honor Cooper Hedges, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism