During his time at Central Saint Martins, James Walsh has developed a very satirical and playful design identity. An essence of humour and naivety is necessary in his work to contrast the technical aspect of his creative process. His entire BA collection is 3D printed, which is inspired by porcelain figures and Polly Pocket dresses. This contrast sustains a necessary balance between playfulness and the digital future. Taking inspiration from sculptural objects, James challenges the traditional fashion design process, and reinterprets sculpture in the most modern way. Working on the Visual Identity team at Christian Louboutin, James developed the necessary skills to make this project possible. His design process is fully sustainable and zero waste, as he prints with recycled and biodegradable PLA. The film showcases the work in a candid and honest setting, shot in a nightclub he worked at throughout his degree.

Hannah Karpel, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism