Jin Xie comes from China. She has interned at Ports 1961’s womenswear department and Burberry’s textile department. Her final collection concept was inspired by female artists like Julie Becker and Mary Katayama. She made up a fantasised dreamscape, an intimate space in this collection. She decided to focus on digital print design and how it would work with different silhouettes. She is also using laser-cut acrylic frames and wires with fabric to make the garments create space around the body. Her concept and inspiration come from her own ‘experience and cultural background, where I hope to create a scenario and a narrative.’ Making a film, photographs, record the developing process, and bringing more primary research was something she was happy to experiment with, and now wants to further develop and include in her work. Now, she is hoping to dive into Chinese traditional techniques of design and find the special parts of her culture, then making it more contemporary.

Giovanna Fragata Gama, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism