Laura Bella-Tabernero lives in Manchester, where she completed her graduate collection. She was born in the United States, and moved to the UK when she was three. Her interest for art and fashion originated thanks to her grandfather, a surrealist artist who lives in Barcelona and has dedicated his life to collecting art. During her studies at Central Saint Martins, the 23 year old was able to intern for Walter Van Beirendonck in Antwerp, one of the designers she looked up to the most. The idea for her graduate collection was born when Laura Bella-Tabernero was on a plane, listening to the in-flight safety demonstration. The main focus of the collection is the element of adaptability and the techniques created by the young designer to change the state of a garment. ‘The aim is to create a performative display where the garments would transform and change before the audience’s eyes.’

Adelaide Guerisoli, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism