Coming from Xīndiàn, Taiwan, 29 year old Lilly Yang’s hometown mountain scenery was one she’d always carry with her. With the collection based on ecology, one childhood memory of having her own silkworms stuck with her. ‘I remember my mother wrapping a coat hanger with thread, which guided the silkworms into enveloping the object with silk. I thought this was really kind of my mother.’ Her collection revolves around tailored layering, especially with silk layered with her plant-dyed cotton and reclaimed silk. She interned in California during her placement year, working alongside Rooney Mara in launching her vegan fashion label. ‘For me,’ she says, ‘it is all about how we relate to our materials and our processes – essentially how we have a relationship with our work.’

Shanti Parmanand, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism