Mimi Siriwangsanti is a 22 year old Knitwear student from Thailand. She has worked at Ports 1961, By Walid and as a production intern at Pringle of Scotland. After graduating, Mimi hopes to work as a knitwear designer. Her final collection began with reflecting on childhood memories of visiting the beach and watching the sun set: ‘I looked through pictures of these moments and it made me want to experiment with how light affected me so much – watching the sea go from light to black.’ Inspired by the work of artists like Man Ray and László Moholy-Nagy, she started playing with light by creating photograms in the darkroom using objects that mirror the sun’s shape. The same patterns of these photograms were used to create the rounded prints of colour and tiled knitted circles in Mimi’s graduate collection. The collection was made under lockdown for the most part at home in Thailand, and is in many ways a postcard for the seaside she remembers but can’t visit just yet.

Freya Martin, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism