Rosemarie Sutano grew up between Indonesia and Singapore. She spent her placement year as an assistant at a luxury garment production factory in East London, with a goal to explore all aspects of a label’s design process, as she plans to run her own one day. Her collection is inspired by spirituality and mysticism, a big part of South East Asian culture. ‘I am drawn to the concept of higher powers, reality being dictated by forces beyond comprehension. I evoke an energy of horror and dread in my work.’ Her garments are energetic and provocative; merging batik, the traditional Indonesian craft with contemporary silhouettes. She lives in a warehouse with 19 other people, something which helped both her mental-health and her work during lockdown. ‘The pandemic is a turning point for the fashion industry. I am terrified but excited to witness this epoch of great change. The age of Aquarius is truly upon us.’

Honor Cooper Hedges, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism