Ruiyang Liu is from Chifeng City, China. The Womenswear student started her education at Central Saint Martins in 2015 by completing the Fashion and Textiles Foundation. Liu also has a previous Bachelor’s degree for Information System and Management. Liu’s graduate collection includes six looks symbolising ‘life as the phenomenon of moon in water’, thus presenting a speculation between solid and void. By blurring the images of swirl and nest and obscuring the meaning between origin and destination, ‘it’s a visual metaphor of Born to Die’ Liu explains. ‘I used transformed Zen circle as parts of the structure and connected it with different life forms in water, visualising the abstract elements as sculptural silhouettes to echo the concept.’ The interpretation of elements within the dusty blue and white architectural pieces made with vegetable tanned leather, suede and silk is aided by soft shell-like curves and an intelligent placing of cut-outs.

Maya Orbach, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism