Ryan Treadwell, a 22 year old Knitwear designer from Orange County, CA, started this collection with a look at forgery in art and the inability to reproduce authenticity. Ryan related this to memory, recreating a visual culture of his childhood. The collection is a ‘reinterpretation of memories, not the photos of childhood, but the manufactured dreams and illusions.’ He imparts the definitions of fashion he grew up with in an adherence to craft and quality. The techniques started with adapting Ikat for knit, using traditional knit patterns of Fair Isle and Argyle as a nod to the prep-school uniform he grew up in. Though unable to complete these techniques post lockdown, Ryan – a UPW Prize recipient – utilised their yarn to bring the collection back to craft, focusing on recreating the visuals with complex cable knits and hold pattern argyles. From his time interning at By Walid and Acne Studios, Ryan hopes to continue pursuing work opportunities that push him out of his comfort zone and to continue learning.

Lucy Vipond, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism