Usually preoccupied with flawlessness, Sam Pomeroy aims to reach an alternative perfectionism with his graduate collection: the perfectly imperfect. ‘There’s that part of myself that wants it to be perfect, versus the technique being innately imperfect,’ the Bristolian menswear designer says, detailing how he’s taken classic menswear staples as ‘nice, flat canvases’ on which patchwork, embroidery and hand-sewn badges inspired by the Japanese textile artist Junko Oki will make them feel ‘human’. Visibly artisanal, Sam wants the hours invested into the collection – from sketch to stitch – to be visible, making his clothes cherishable. These embellishments evoke the car boot sales the designer loves to visit, the treasure-troves of eclectic curiosities he’d see. ‘[As] a kid I’d go with my mum and I just fucking loved it… she’d give me 50p which as a kid felt like complete freedom. Anything I wanted, I had the money for; I could go and buy whatever.’

George Elliot, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism