Sandra Poulson is a 25 year old print student from Luanda, Angola. After studying Fashion Design in Lisbon, she did one year of Fashion Design and Marketing at Central Saint Martins and continued in Fashion Print, as her work ‘shouted print’. She interned at Wales Bonner studio and Molly Goddard. Sandra defines her work as politically engaged and ‘using a lot of different media’, which is why she regularly shows her work in galleries. For her collection titled An Angolan Archive, Sandra spent a month in Angola, collecting 3,000 pictures and conversations about daily life in her hometown. When the lockdown started, she decided to setup her workshop on a roof next to her flat, as she lacked space for her huge creations, halfway between garments and sculpture. ‘I cleaned the space, and took that space over. It reminds me of the colonisation, which is present in my collection because that space wasn’t mine and I wasn’t authorised to use it. I just entered and said ‘this is my studio now’.’

Juliette Bastien, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism