Sara Larsson is from north Sweden. She has worked as a production assistant for Vivien Holloway and as a design assistant at accessories brand Figure of A. ‘My collection is based on Shibari, Japanese rope bondage, contrasted with Victorian riding habits. It’s a celebration of power within choice, the ability to be in control.’ The intricacies of Shibari, which Sara practices herself, are beautifully juxtaposed with Victorian-era silhouettes and narratives. ‘I have spent the last two years visiting archives and digging through markets, for the Shibari I’ve worked with friends who share my interest, my process is collaborative.’ In lockdown Sara was pushed out of her comfort zone ‘I’ve learnt not rely on what I already know and try things I haven’t done before.’ In the future Sara wants to work for a forward-thinking company. ‘I started a career in fashion largely because it needs changing. I really want to be part of making that change happen.’