Graduating from Fashion Print at 25 years old, Seunghyuk Jung is from Gwangju, South Korea and when his studies were interrupted by a call from the national army, he couldn’t know his graduate collection would start there. He interned at one of Chanel’s small textile ateliers and Burberry’s print department and now, the essence of traditional and nostalgic fashion made of small hand work involuntarily meets with his experience as a tank driver in the army. ‘My collection is based on very personal experience so I want people to have freedom to take it in as however they want.’ Magnifying lenses compose a cape-headpiece that multiply the unique vintage buttons embroideries underneath. Optical effects created by crin fabrics and transparencies are protagonists of ‘the most unique show ever in the history of CSM’ exalts Seunghyuk. His genuineness comes in uncertain times and lovingly takes us back in time to the validity and truthfulness of an atelier where time stops and pure beauty is cherished.

Chiara Lanzavecchia, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism