Sohee Park is a 24 year old fashion design and merchandising student hailing from Seoul, South Korea. Having first been enthralled by the escapism granted through the art of illustration as a young girl, Park realised that she could transfer her imagination from paper into reality through design. After moving to London at a young age, the designer felt displaced in her new culture and turned to illustration and design to find her sense of belonging. Those 2D fantasy worlds of a young girl’s dream that once lived solely on paper had the opportunity to bloom into the floral dystopia visible in her final collection for Central Saint Martins. The collection was inspired by the concept of a girl evolving into a young woman, drawing parallels to Park’s own growth into a young woman herself as well as her artistic growth from illustration to design. Stunning and vibrant gowns with long trains, caged crinolines, and show-stopping prints and colours are a constant in her collection. Having previously worked at Marc Jacobs, Sohee’s collection is an incredible representation of her impressive design skills. While keeping tight-lipped about the unique techniques used to produce such fantastical garments with intricate and grandeur floral creations, the designer claims that the key of making her collection is her use of prints and colour, as every look was either digitally printed or hand-dyed. As a little girl, she often found herself daydreaming about a beautiful universe within her head, describing it as ‘a romantic, glamorous world exploding with floral fantasies, with beautiful, elegant women walking down streets in gorgeous gowns with their pink and purple poodles in tow.’ This world that began with a young girl daydreaming out the window, ended with a collection that almost, quite literally, made her dreams a reality.

Kristin Wertz, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism