22 year old Menswear designer Sophie Isabelle Cheah transports her audience to a coming of age mindset as she presents her final year collection online, inspired by her hometown of Etobicoke, a 30 minute underground ride away from Toronto. With her work experience ranging from Cottweiler to Alexander McQueen, the graduating student’s five years of studying in London helped Cheah realise the quirky childhood aesthetics she wanted to incorporate into her final year collection. Cheah’s identity and childhood in a suburban Canadian town form the six-piece collection in the spirit of the Tumblr shaggy-haired schoolboy, innocent and unafraid to challenge the notion of femininity and masculinity. Luxurious silk, rich velvet, and Duchess satin provide the Sophie Cheah man with elegance and fluidity. Not only does Cheah focus on her hometown, but also importantly translates details of her second-generation Chinese-Canadian heritage into the garments she created, including embroidery elements and inspiration from the beautiful Cheongsam. Cheah’s styling and accessorizing provides its own context. Velvet headbands, decorated socks and a necklace made out of old Apple headphones tangled with vintage Playboy jewelry playfully exhibit a twist she is fond of, an ode to her love of kitsch. The 2020 Sophie Cheah collection is filled with an under-the-radar appreciation of the sexy and sweet, and a strong aroma of nostalgia.