Zanna Messenger-Jones is a Knitwear student of many dexterous talents: she can cut, sew, knit, weave and wiggle her eyebrows. Before her BA, she studied Art and Design at the Manchester School of Art. During her time at university, she’s has been learning Spanish, become a qualified English teacher, and finally taken up British Sign Language this year. Her final collection germinated from her own self-growth, finding ‘my identity as a deaf person in the hearing world’ and building a community of familiarity. Lockdown warranted a return home, enabling her to pay homage using her family as models, and the rolling hills of Cumbria for her video. Zanna’s garments are a melange of warmth textures, such as foliage fashioned in crochet, and old clothes and worn-out bed linens repurposed into woven textiles. There’s a kind spirit of sunshine in her designs, and she’s shining for all of earth to feel.

Laurence Harrison, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism