‘We live in a world with more information with less meaning,’ says Zelun Sun, whose graduate collection is based on a ‘brain-in-a-vat’ concept which she has explored by reconstructing the connotation and extension of human through the discussion of ‘virtual body.’ There is a level of versatility in the Womenswear designer’s collection. Her coat can rotate at a 90 degree angle so that it can be worn in two different ways. Other pieces are fixed with snap joints to split the clothing in the front and back. There’s a blend between hard and soft fabric within the Chinese designer’s work. ‘Elastic gauzes were mixed with a hardened sole so that the moving legs while walking could generate funny waggles and line changes.’ Although launching her own label is Zelun’s ultimate goal, the 25 year old student is taking her time and is focusing on a long-term plan for brand operations.

Yelena Grelet, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism