Agatha Medioni is a BA Fashion Menswear graduate from Central Saint Martins who interned at Paco Rabanne, European Space Agency (ESA) – COMEX/DITF institute for textile and Courrèges before graduating in June 2021. Her collection is driven by new technologies, artificial intelligence, and space exploration. She talks about the omnipresence of screens in society to the point they become fashion accessories.

Her main focus was to develop robotised clothes by combining space mechanical engineering technics; solar panel deployment in space, opening/closing mechanism of the Hatch; and fashion. Garments are able to make rotative or deployable motions by the means of a mechanism, circuit, and code. Making the status of clothes evolve to add more functionality than they already have, transforming the garment into an electronic device by itself. She aimed to produce an innovative, responsible and technological collection by using a 3D design software in order to reduce fabric loss and leftovers through the creative and production process.