BA (Hons) Fashion
Fashion Design Womenswear


For her final collection, BA Womenswear Designer Arianne Scott delved into the invented concept of ‘distalgia’: a form of nostalgia or longing for another individual’s past. Following the research of family photo archives from the 1970s to early 1980s, Scott hails this collection as an opportunity to rekindle loved ones with their forgotten childhood crafts, igniting an exciting collaboration which results in a collection made with love and chock full of joy and sentiment. Inspired by the important women who have played a part in her life, ‘my mum, aunties and grandmothers,’ she worked on the stand, draping and experimenting with steel boning to emulate the shape of flowers that the women in her family connect with. Each look in the collection boasts experimental hand-painted vinyl prints across loom and machine knits, crochet, rug tufting and woven textiles. Her bright, optimistic collection takes form as a veritable bouquet of family and love. Forget-me-nots, freesia, chamomile, sunflowers and fuchsia all dance playfully across dresses, skirts, shirts and jumpsuits, worn with Mary Jane wellington boots, crochet earrings and plastic canvas woven bags. The women who made her, reimagined as flora.

Ellie June Goodman