‘I design for a grown man-child.’ Arthur Lai is and always has been compelled by the childlike forms and colours of virtual gaming. Using his expertise, he creates visual spectacles fit for the walls of an art gallery. The designer from Hong Kong plans to expand his abilities on the MA Print course, believing his BA to be a stepping stone to the all-important Masters.

‘It’s about me finding a safe space in gaming to develop my sexuality,’ Lai explains vulnerably. The designer would often create and use characters within his game that he found attractive, or that even resembled a past lover. Using 3D printing, Lai creates Slinkies and springs, an ode to his child-like influences. ‘This is my chance to do something crazy,’ he says when asked about his wearable art, ‘I can create a garment whenever, but now is the time for a statement.’

Playful and cheeky, Lai jokes that after graduating from the MA, Hamleys toy store is his dream job, a place where he can soak up the fun and free his inner child. He is toying with the idea of his own brand, named Toy Boys and Boys Toys, a nod to his sexuality and gaming mania.

Mollie Marshall, BA Fashion Journalism