In response to the COVID-19, virus-suppressed world, Central Saint Martins designer Celine Kwan launches her retro-futuristic collection Welcome Home, reminding us to cherish the beauty of our living spaces, considering their importance in quarantined reality. She describes this collection as ‘happy’ and aims to put a smile on one's face; ‘I wanted to create this living room utopia that celebrated all these beautiful objects around.’

Drawing inspiration from 60s and 70s interiors – particularly furniture – her work serves a multifunctional purpose. ‘It is beautiful alone as well as worn,’ she explains. In response to an inflatable arm couch from the 60s, she puffed-up aspects of the garments, from the hats to the twirls. Some allow you to sit on them, and others just brighten up the inside space. Kwan also created ‘vase boots’, boned with wires and a plastic bag compartment, which can be used as a literal vase when taken off. The designer is big on experimentations with colour and textures, scrutinising it in combination with cutting-edge technologies.

She aims to open a brand to develop these tech ideas and establish a creative space as an Asian female designer. 

Zlata Kriukova, BA Fashion Journalism