‘The most futuristic thing we can do in fashion is to return to nature,’ explains BA Womenswear designer Charlie McCosker, whose upcoming collection RTRN is a testament to the countless ways of producing sustainable clothing. 

A personal take on the international, the 22 year old pays homage to her Irish Catholic and South African roots by sourcing materials from the different places that make up her heritage. RTRN is the tangible representation of a community that she has created in the process, spanning plastic crochet to bead artists, and which she hopes will live on long after the collection is shown. Grasping the concept of clothing with a purpose, she’s teamed up with young producer Blacksmith UK to create garments that play jungle music through the technology of conductive thread – music being something that she feels has guided her through the trials of making an entire collection from her bedroom. 

In the future, Charlie intends to widen her eclectic skillset further by venturing into tailoring, having already completed internships at Palomo Spain and the Paper Fig Foundation, where she interned with young designers in preparation for Kampala Fashion Week 2019.

Matilda Carnall, BA Fashion Journalism