The collection explores the manifesto of ‘imperfectly perfect’. It is initially inspired by my grandmother and the concept of timeless Japanese beauty – preserving natural beauty and ageing gracefully. The collection speaks a realisation of myself, the real aspects of multifaceted working women’s wardrobes reimagined, that could represent the uncertain messages that women are sent everyday. It shows how the silhouettes of the 50s, 70s and 80s are past tense. It is a direction finding new silhouettes and forms, something truly modern isn't representative or historical and redefining the mainstream perception about femininity.

Meanwhile, my ultimate goal is to create a timeless and long lasting collection entirely made from Australian 100% woollen jersey to convey my interpretation towards sustainable fashion. Throughout this journey of exploring the fragility of femininity, draping and tailoring played as my own language to empower and interact with the multifaceted women I am depicting.

As a woman, I think it is crucial to think about my own experience – how can clothes make me feel; how can the quality and the texture make me feel distinctive, how can the drapes and the cuts of silhouette defend against fear, vulnerability and insecurity. Martha Graham inspired the ‘stretch’ technique experimented with different materials, such as ruched woollen jersey, after stretched knitted lace and two-ways crystal pleated poly satin. The technique reveals the unspoken tension beneath the surface of deception in attempting an air of youthful attractiveness and preservation of personal credibility.