‘It’s been such a breakthrough of my usual style,’ says Claire Huang, 23, who is Chinese and has been studying BA Fashion Knitwear. ‘My style is a more feminine perspective on garments,’ she continues. ‘I like to use sheer or chiffon; soft and gentle fabrics to attract the beauty of the woman.”

Having worked at Simone Rocha in London, Thom Brown in New York, and Cartier in Shanghai during her placement year, it was a trip to Cambodia that forms the core of her final collection.

‘I saw these beautiful monks walking through the corridors, and the sunset was shining on their robes,’ she says of her key inspiration, ‘then I imagined a monk walking into the Palace of Versailles, in a post-modern style.’

Looking at the works of South Korean sculptor Lee Bul, and specifically her vast avant-garde chandeliers, Huang’s five final gowns are highly structured but remain soft, in hues of blue and purple, with splashes of red. ‘It’s kind of romantic, with a lot of draping and ombré colours.’

‘I made them all in China,’ Huang says. ‘Which has been really harsh, without seeing the tutors. But I think we’ve all made it!’ In the future, she is interested in exploring management positions, with hopes of building enough resources to start her own brand.

Joe Bromley, BA Fashion Journalism