‘Everything is a reflection of you at the time,’ says Fashion Design with Marketing student Ellen Poppy Hill. A designer with a passion for storytelling, Hill creates each garment in her final collection to represent her own fantastical mythologies. Through the influence of her creative family and childhood of character play, her line-up is based on a love of drawing and the retelling of present emotions.

She states the term that encompasses the overarching feeling of her collection is ‘Entropy.’ Framed by her innate artistic sensibilities, she describes this entropic feeling as ‘a slow decline into something organic. Not the beginning or the end but being in the middle.’ Alongside her exploration of emotions is a study of mythology and elements, as her pieces translate ancient tales through a refreshingly personal outlook.

Bringing a passion for sustainability, narration, and creative insight, she would like to continue her study into MA design. Merging all the elements that make Ellen Poppy Hill is what will pave a future for the designer, as her personal goal is to join the two forces she is most passionate about; ‘clothes and art. I would love to do something that combines them both.’

Ella Chadwick, BA Fashion Journalism Journalism