‘The collection is named I have to go, no matter the bad weather.’ Central Saint Martins designer Eunjoo Cho gives an insight on her designs inspired by the effects of a natural force. Personal observations are key to the 29 year old’s practice; seizing from all around, she converts them into fashion.

A homeland visit provided a starting point for Cho’s development: ‘In South Korea, I had to go when there was a heavy storm, I was observing people who were struggling to walk and hold umbrellas.’ Cho was inspired by the violently strong winds and how they would transform the fabrics as they blew. The weather accessories are key to the shape of the pieces; ‘I never put some meaning in my garments. My style is showing, not describing.’ Projecting on her artistic methods, Cho doesn’t imitate the frame but instead uses actual umbrellas and combines them with other repurposed coastal weather attributes, such as raincoats. She creates an illusion of a blowing storm by bending umbrella wires while stitching.

A free-spirited designer, she considers herself an artist first; she thrives for creative exploration, searching for a new canvas and possibly slowing down on her fashion journey. 

Zlata Kriukova, BA Fashion Journalism