Modern fashion designers are multifaceted; business acumen, creativity and team management are some of the many skills a designer must acquire. Hitoshi Shiota believes the transferrable skills honed during his design education will stand him in good stead for a career as a graphic designer and art director. ‘For me, this collection is a goodbye collection. I have lost interest in fashion design but not creativity,’ the menswear designer explains.

Shiota’s inspiration for his graduate collection came to him as he researched the history of ancient Greece. When sculptures and temples from ancient Greece are observed today, they are beautiful despite the wear and tear they have undergone over time. Shiota appreciates the beauty in imperfection that they exhibit. He agrees that his Japanese heritage and upbringing influences his work; the concept of Wabi-sabi has a translatable reference to his appreciation of the beautifully imperfect. Shiota hopes to end fashion on a high note, cherishing the memories that fashion provided.

Odunayo Ojo, BA Fashion Journalism