23 year old Seoul based Menswear graduate Hong Lee has chosen an exploration of space and time from a philosophical perspective for her graduate collection. Starting the process ‘from looking at panoramic pictures,’ wondering how the cogs of the universe turn for each of us differently, Lee settled on a collection that challenges what can be considered subjective and objective. Her message: ‘Can you believe that what you see looks the same to others,’ is key to the narrative and conception of her collection.

Lee has successfully tackled philosophical paradoxes through her work, with distortion seamlessly integrated into trouser, shirt and jacket. Having interned at Kiko Kostadinov and Goomheo last year, Lee has developed her own vision for the future. Believing that ‘fashion is an easy and friendly key to blurring cultural borders,’ explains further her desire to affect the world positively with her work. Pushing to the furthest reaches of our understanding for inspiration, Lee’s collection is erudite and established.

Louis Entwistle, BA Fashion Journalism