Growing up near the Teutoburg Forest in Germany, Womenswear designer Johanna Hehemann’s graduate collection was highly influenced by nature and the tranquility of the forest.

Her collection is about outdoor clothes made from outdoor materials. On research walks through Epping Forest and her neighbourhood she gathered leaves, bark, pine needles and soil as the main materials for her collection. These materials were then brought into the context of functionality and practicality; through different techniques like glycerin baths and waxing, the natural elements were preserved and made weatherproof. Furthermore, the incorporated fabrics were naturally dyed using the Ayurvastra method, which besides from the visual effect also has healing properties on skin and body. Overall, Johanna’s collection is an attempt to reclaim a childlike approach to nature and finding a new appreciation for the nature that surrounds us everyday. 

 Johanna Hehemann, BA Fashion Womenswear