Karolina Oak is a Fashion Design with Marketing student from Katowice, Poland, but has lived in London since 2013, interning with Rombaut in Paris and Molly Goddard in London. Karolina’s work is about ‘self-explorations, going against the grain, finding your own pace and authenticity.’ Tired of the way the fashion industry works, celebrating influencers whilst exploiting the creatives, Karolina aims to create a space in fashion for herself and others who yearn for a new, underground movement in fashion.

Inspired for her final collection whilst interning in Paris, living with relatives in Sevran at the time, she explains: ‘Travelling everyday by train from the suburbs to central Paris was an interesting experience. I had a lot of time to reflect on my life and my spiritual journey,’ whilst reminiscing on memories from back home.

Intrigued by the ‘dress code’ of Sevran; fake designer clothes, flashy garments and other unusual styling she came across in the area, Karolina’s collection is how she ‘imagined someone would dress for their work interview in Paris to appear professional yet keep elements that bring them comfort.’

The collection is titled Sortie Void (sortie meaning exit in French), a sign she saw daily whilst travelling in Paris. Karolina wants to invite others to her ‘struggle journey,’ and inspire them to,‘make that move towards their wildest dreams, despite the upbringing or financial obstacles.’

Alicia Tomkinson, BA Fashion Journalism