Kieren Radford immerses 2D and 3D mediums, creating a collection that accumulates his authentic techniques. ‘It’s a meeting between sculpture and fashion, which is what I’ve really enjoyed doing,’ shared the 22 year old fashion enthusiast.

Driven by the challenge to innovate, Radford established new pleating methods. He is bored of seeing pleats on light fabrics and chooses thick – such as leather and wool instead. The garments showcase experimentations of 3D pleat work in the incorporation with traditional menswear tailoring, ‘fitting the body, but still making it new and off the body.’ The pleating process is always the starting point for the designer, as he refuses to do it on something that already exists, allowing for the pleats to decide on the flow of a silhouette. Radford admits that his methods are not ideally sustainable, however, ‘my pleated stuff is very much one-off pieces,’ he qualifies. His garments are to showcase the technique rather than be worn by many. With this collection, he wants to send a message to stop mass production. ‘The meaning I would derive is that people need to push themselves to make something new.’

Zlata Kriukova, BA Fashion Journalism