Kieu Le does not like to name her collections – she thinks that ‘the work tells more than the name.’ The 27 year old Fashion Design and Marketing graduate is fascinated by the intricacies of garment construction and has used her final collection to hone her understanding of haute couture and the skills surrounding it. Referencing both surrealism, in particular Jean Cocteau’s 1930 film Blood of a Poet, and her upbringing in both Vietnam and the Czech Republic, Le’s collection delves into the world of dreaming. ‘When I researched more about dreams, I thought about why people are dreaming. What do they dream? What do they feel when they dream?’ she wonders.

She has constructed four looks using opulent devoré velvet fabric, inspired by the Baroque sculptures of Matthias Braun, which portray the 24 ‘virtues and vices’. After graduating Le would like to perfect her haute couture construction skills at a major fashion house. ‘I think it’s important to know how a garment is constructed,’ she says. ‘We should appreciate handmaking. It’s a really important skill, especially these days.’

Ella Slater, BA Fashion Journalism