With the stamp of her signature aesthetic, BA Womenswear student Laura Andraschko translates nostalgic teen culture of the year 2008 into her final collection. Hailing from Berlin, Andraschko delves into her personal memories as inspiration for her garments. Her acute observations show a time when MySpace and Tumblr defined a generation and the glorified indie and emo kid was the height of fashion. She remembers the musicians, models, and ‘it girls’ of the year, immersing herself in the detailed study of typical 2008 garments.

Her line-up focuses on how the selfie distorts the body into hunched shoulders and ‘X’ shaped legs from a birds-eye camera angle, leading her to lengthen torsos, shorten legs and stick protruding hipbones and shoulder bones to her silhouettes. Absorbed in affection for a time past, she’s grateful that her collection will be of her ‘very own essence,’ as her isolated working method in the pandemic has finally allowed her to be truly ‘individual to herself.’

A designer embodying the ambiance of her collection, Andraschko’s plans for the future align with what she says is her ‘go with the flow’ attitude, claiming the future beholds ‘whatever life throws at her.’ 

Ella Chadwick, BA Fashion Journalism