PLEASE DON’T SQUEEZE ME, a reference to all the people who would always want to touch or squeeze me without permission. Reminiscing clothes and irony of oversize wear into extreme oversize. As I turn 23 this year people still think I am 17 hence to this irony of looking like a child even in my adult age. The concept originated from dreams that I was having during the lockdown period. I started interpreting some of these as the significance of my mother, looking more into my heritance, and her as the reference to my work. How my mother would dress me as a child would come into play, how much we cherish the old times, having no worry about what to wear and comfortability. Other research includes recreation of silhouettes from my favorite childhood movies, castle in the sky. My collection would correlate from look 1 to 3, starting from the reference to my childhood memories, and clothes I would wear to the inspiration of the Korean reverberated Hanbok of my mothers, to the present time where I used my favourite jacket in my wardrobe as the reference to look 3.