Making runs in Renée John-Baptiste’s blood: ‘My uncle is a decorator, so I’ve always grown up with somebody painting or making something.’ John-Baptiste was born in South London where she still resides with her family. ‘My initial starting point was based on a Caribbean folklore,’ says John-Baptiste, ‘visualising a really important history that maybe hasn't been visualised before.’

Her collection combines design elements from the 19th century to the 1970s exploring these inspirations through ‘naturally dyed fabrics, natural linens and cottons and lots of patch-working,’ says John-Baptiste. She recently completed an internship with Grace Wales Bonner, where John-Baptiste mastered weaving narration though shape and form. ‘I hope it feels grounding to the wearer, so I hope it kind of maybe relaxes them and reminds them that we are: One and the same.’

Quin Cunningham, BA Fashion Journalism