My collection is inspired by different cultural surrounding that I had my life, who created my identity and personality. My experience of living in Paris and London have a strong influence of my vision of art and fashion design the the people that I saw on the street, transport, or in different area as art scene or underground party scene, really influence my way of thinking. And help me to learn a lot about myself. With the pandemic and the multiple isolation movement it as influenced me a lot and push me to create in a different way. I have been interested by interior design and to create some sculpture for my own place, It’s a process wich help me to relaxed and to feel good at home. And try to create a creative and inspiring surrounding in my home and to to escape the reality of the mondial pandemic. My sculpture are made from recycled and bio plastic that I made. I like to think In a different way of fashion, which is not in the idea of making a lot of high and fast commercial production, but in the idea to be more focused on creative pieces made from high and sustainable quality.I sincerely believe this way is the best for our industry.