‘Suddenly you're sitting at home doing nothing, and that’s when I started to build my own friends around me,’ says the 29 year old Svea Beckedorf joyfully.

She may have started Womenswear at Central Saint Martins in 2017, but her fashion career started as a styling assistant to Izabela Kozba in 2013, designing costumes for German pop-superstar Helene Fischer, before completing her internship with Henrik Vibskov in 2020. She was influenced by Vibskov’s sculptural approach to design, draping and patterning on six massive creations now residing in her town’s community centre.

Beckdorf is one step ahead of the game, having already sold her collection to the Cosmo Art and Science Foundation which plans on exhibiting it post-COVID. The collection is all about personality and individuality. Her fully reversible garments can be snapped open and closed, transformed to fit the wearer in any situation. Colourful and playful, design references range from Where the Wild Things Are to the red cabbages which inspired her prints. ‘I wanted to create something that is sustainable,’ using deadstock fabrics made of up to 98% recycled PET bottles and local Alpaca wools, ‘but also includes and fits everyone and leaves space to wear it individually,’ she says.

Quin Cunningham, BA Fashion Journalism