For BA Fashion Knitwear student Tzu-Yang Huang, a deep-rooted love for handcraft and personal experience in the military is what frames his final collection at Central Saint Martins. He finds inspiration from the ‘observation of people and materials in daily life,’ as his line-up embodies the juxtaposing ideas of delicate knit and firm body armour. Stating he has loved ‘handcraft for a long time’, he feels using this passion within the realms of clothing make his creations a ‘moving sculpture on the body.’

Born in Taiwan and moving to Shanghai in primary school, his love for travelling and observation are woven throughout his work, yet he credits the time spent under the army’s rules as his main inspiration. Merging mood boards of camouflage, helmets, armour and uniforms with bespoke craft, he chose to use tougher, militaristic type materials for his knit. Sunshade nets, plastics thread and Rayon Raffia yarn are all plant-sourced to create his own 3D knitting ladder and provide further intricate technical reinforcement. A designer true to his discipline and passions, Tzu-Yang Huang hopes to get onto MA and continue his journey in design.

Ella Chadwick, BA Fashion Journalism