The journey of Victoria Valette is far from conventional. Initially a law student in France, Valette decided to switch careers and follow her passion for fashion. She would do an art foundation in Paris before enrolling at CSM for the womenswear fashion design course. For her graduate collection, she was inspired by the human interaction with nature. ‘I wanted to create a visual dialogue between humans and nature that frees our imagination and opens consciousness,’ she explains.

Valette incorporated her love of film into the collection, experimenting with Super 8 film cameras to create an abstract moving image. She also incorporates shapes and textures from her paintings into her work to create a natural dialogue with the wearer. ‘I wanted to convey the deep movement of the soul in my paintings. It was also a way to move away from the texture of today and to go to something unique, like a piece of soul,’ she explained. Her abstract taste strikes a balance between the often laid back style of her home town Marseille and the maximalist, do-it-yourself London aesthetic.

Odunayo Ojo, BA Fashion Journalism