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We, the final year BA Fashion students, welcome you to the first digital graduate show in the history of Central Saint Martins. It has been a journey of trials and tribulations at a time that defines all our careers. But, as the entire world is put to test, it is in adversity that creativity has helped overcome these hurdles.

After up to four years of waiting for this moment that will shape our lives, it has been important to be resilient in our purpose. The pandemic did not prepare us for the impact it would have on our work, but it has challenged us to push past traditional routes and redefine what it means to be designers at the beginning of a new decade.

Although the global lockdown may have closed off the usual paths to producing collections, it has opened many new ones. Through these very difficulties, we discovered and explored new ways to express our creativity. The restrictions on facilities and workspaces only served to remind us of the need to bring out the best of our creative selves.

Despite being scattered across the globe and working in isolation, we have not been alone. Our setbacks have differed in shape and size, but circumstances have brought us closer. We have supported each other to achieve our personal goals. The joint efforts and contributions made by each person involved in the process have helped strengthen bonds in our tight-knit community of creatives.

Our work is a product of endless support from peers and mentors who have kept our spirits high throughout this difficult period. As designers, times like these prove that change is inevitable. In order to grow, we must adapt. Developing our skills to work outside conventional paths, this experience has given us the confidence to face a new reality head-on.

We’re grateful for the support of L’Oréal Professionnel and would like to share the following comment from Monica Teodoro, General Manager: ‘As long standing and proud supporters of Central Saint Martins, L’Oréal Professionnel commends the creative agility that the BA Fashion students and team have shown during these challenging times. We are proud to continue to collaborate with, help nurture and see the students’ talent flourish. It is precisely this talent that is shining even more brightly as we all navigate these times together. Never has it been more vital to support the future of the fashion, hair and creative industries. The digital show of this year’s graduates will mark a significant moment in fashion history, which L’Oréal Professionnel is honoured to support.’

BA Fashion Students of 2020

Shriya Zamindar, MA Fashion Journalism



Sarah Gresty, Hywel Davies, Rachel Dickson, Stephanie Cooper, Craig Lawrence, Chris New, David Kappo, Heather Sproat, Anna-Nicole Ziesche, Louis Loizou, Judith Found, Patrick Lee Yow, Esme Young, Natalie Gibson, Jan Bigg Withers, Sharon Robinson, Alis Smith, Robert Leach,Jane Mcmillan, Becky Wharmby, Elena Koivunen, Charlie Flint, Jan Shefford, Julia Banks, Denise Lewis, Imogen Evans, June Fish, Tansy Hamley, Rita Kumari Swarby, Judith Watt, Roger Tredre, Melanie Ashley, Alena Hoeldrich


On 27 July 2020, we will publish an in-depth look at each of the student collections in this degree show on the UAL Graduate Showcase, powered by IBM, including behind-the-scenes material and new animations.

Artwork: Jamie Sutherland